Bill stretching

Jen jamming out to get PUMPED!

Jen and Ken make up the team “Fat Don't Fly”

Fritzy nabs a great shot with me, Bill and Jen all starting the race

Me entering the run/bike transition looking for my teammate and realizing I don't have one! Damn.

Bill ponders that question...

Fritzy would make an awesome construction worker. The one that holds the stop/slow flip sign perhaps

Look at me lean into that turn!

Leaving the bike/run transition to run the final 5k. My legs initially felt like jelly getting off the bike and starting to run

Bill has number 54 in his sights coming into the finish...take 'em Bill!

Coming into the finish for my time of about 2 hours, 23 minutes

Jen pulling out all the stops heading into the finish

C'mon! (Hey that's my elbow on the right side of the picture)